Weinbaudomäne Oppenheim

The Staatliche Weinbaudomäne in Oppenheim is one of four wine-growing estates in the possession of the land of Rheinland-Pfalz. The representative estate of the Weinbaudomäne resides on the outskirts of the town Oppenheim am Rhein. Oppenheim am Rhein lies within the biggest German wine growing region: Rheinhessen.

In the year 1895, Ernst Ludwig, the Grand duke of Hesse and Rhine founded the Weinbaudomäne. Looking back at more than a hundred years of eventful history. Today, the goal of the vineyard owned by the Dienstleistungszentrums Ländlicher Raum (or Service Center of the Rural Area) of Rheinhessen, Nahe, and Hunsrück is that of a teaching and operating center that facilitates the viticulture and viniculture school within Oppenheim.
Our farmed locations are comprised of 23 ha of the best wine areas along the Rhine river from the town of Dienheim, over Oppenheim and Nierstein, and through the town of Bodenheim. Our specialties are dry Riesling and Silvaner wine, that are from distinctive and world-renowned areas along the Rhine river. Next to our Riesling and Silvaner wines, our Pinot Noir (Spätburgunder) is full of character and aged in wooden barrels to ideal maturity.

A ‘Highpoint of the German Wine Culture’ is our singly owned ‘Glöck’ area within Nierstein. The ‘Glöck’ is the oldest documented (approx. 742 A.D.) mentioned vineyard area of Germany. It is also classified as a Great Growth Area (Großes Gewächs-Lage).

The Staatliche Weinbaudomäne in Oppenheim is a member of The Association of German Quality and Prädikat Wine Estates (Verband Deutscher Prädikats-und Qualitätsweingüter, or abbreviated to VDP). The VDP is comprised of around 200 top-companies from all of the German wine regions.

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