Tradition is the Foundation

"Habe Achtung vor dem Alten und habe Mut das Neue zu beginnen"
''Have respect for the old and have courage for the new to begin'’

Tradition is the foundation. The grand duke Ernst Ludwig of Hessen and Rhine in year 1895 founded the Weinbaudomäne Oppenheim (the viticulture & viniculture domain in Oppenheim). Here, we maintain 21 ha in vineyards alongside the Rhine. There-under are the names such as Niersteiner Oelberg, Nackenheimer Rothenberg, and the oldest German vineyard land: the Niersteiner ‘Glöck’ (and is in the sole possession of the domain).
Today, the wine sellers of the state Weinbaudomäne Oppenheim reside in the prestigious domain building direct on the B9 roadway. The Weinbaudomäne Oppenheim is a member of the association of German Quality and Predicate Wine Estates (VDP)

Innovation is the way: As modern teachings and experimental-operations continue to blend and progress, we combine tradition with modernity. Through the responsible use of the ecological system in vineyards, the careful processing, and wine production, we are tapping into the full potential of the grape varieties and the land. ’

Authenticity is the goal. We want to offer you wines full of character to reveal to you their true origin. To achieve this goal, we do not only pay close attention in the vineyards, but also give the terrior-pronounced white wines and the character full red wines the necessary time they need within oak barrels and stainless steel. This allows them to mature and develop to where they can be fully enjoyed.
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