Niersteiner Oelberg

The Niersteiner Ölberg is apart of the Red Slope, that is limited to the area from Nackenheim to Nierstein, where its bright-red colored soil is visible. In 2004, the first Great Growth of the classification ‘Ersten Lage’ (First Place) was produced.

The Red Slope originated over 280 Million years ago out of clay stone, silt stone, and sand stone of the upper Permian red beds. Iron minerals are present in copious amounts and give the soil its typical red color. Nutrients are adequately available within the soil and the water poverty helps all grape varieties, especially Riesling, to thrive.

The wine of the south Ölberg area are inspirational through their strong fruit notes of apricot and peach, blended with a minerality- a distinct and quite unmistakable quality within the wine. This area is excellent for long-lived Rieslings drucken nach oben  zurück