Niersteiner Pettenthal

The area Pettenthal is an extraordinary part of the world renowned Red Slope in Nierstein. The barren soil of the Permian red bed causes the rooting of the vines to go deep into the soft stone to obtain water and minerals.

The special micro-climate with the closeness of the Rhein and the south-east direction of the slope make the perfect growing conditions for excellent Riesling. The wines are characterized through great elegance and individuality. The wine presents itself with minerality, with a finely distinct fruitiness. Even in lesser years, the best wine has a balance of body and acidity and never appear to be too aggressive.

The Name ‘Pettenthal’ is a land registered name passed down since 1753—the name is said to be in Nierstein- derived from a toad migration area named ‘Petten’ that was further observed to have had an emergence of backwater and marshland. Additionally, an adjacent area went by the name ‘Stumpe Loch’ (Stump hole), which is arguably derived from ‘Sumpfloch’, or bog. Other Niersteiner’s have thought that the term Pettenthal derives from the ‘Valley of the Monks’ or ‘Father of the Valley,’ due to the fact that vineyards were in the possession of the church for a long period.

Develop slowly and remain strong after five or six years, losing none of its freshness drucken nach oben  zurück